Multifocal Lens Implants

restorLogo.jpgDuring cataract surgery, the eye’s natural lens is removed and replaced with an Intraocular lens, or IOL. Since being approved by the FDA in 1981, IOLs have offered an effective alternative for cataract patients. Prior to the use of IOLs, cataract patients had to wear very thick eyeglasses or special contact lenses in order to see after the natural lenses were removed during surgery.

We offer ReStor multifocal lenses. ReStor Multifocal lenses allows patients to see, near and far, and are for patients who desire to go without glasses as much as possible. In clinical studies, four out of five patients reported not having the need to wear glasses after the procedure.

Patient Testimonials

I used to wear monovision contacts and would recommend the Restor lens to anyone.  There was no adjustment time needed.   I enjoy sewing and wanted to be able to thread a needle without glasses.  The Restor lens has provided a better quality of life – I can read a phone book and I don’t have to carry glasses around anymore!.  Dr. Siddiqui was very informative and just wonderful!      Marsha S.  3/2017