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Do Computer Or Phone Screens Damage My Eyes?
Posted on 10/15/2015

Do Computer Or Phone Screens Damage My Eyes?

by Eye Surgeons Associates, P.C. on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 2:34 PM

We've all heard someone say “Stop staring at that screen or you’ll hurt your eyes” at some point. However, with the advancements of modern technology allowing us to access endless amount of information and connect with anyone around the globe, looking at screens has almost become a necessity in everyday life. The concern that arises is that all of this screen exposure is slowly damaging our eyes in a permanent way. Lucky for us, there is no evidence that screens can cause long-term damage to our eyes. However, screen exposure can cause significant eyestrain or discomfort, and is often referred to as "Computer Vision Syndrome".

How Screens Affect Your Vision
Staring at screens is more straining to your eyes when compared to reading a book due to the additional elements that screens force your eyes to adjust to in order to focus on the images and text that your looking at. Things like the screen brightness and text size, or tendencies like rapidly switching pages, can make your eyes work harder, causing discomfort.

Relief For Computer Vision Syndrome
Since the screens are only causing short-term discomfort and strain, it’s easy to prevent or relieve with some simple adjustments.

  • Adjust Your Screen Settings – If your screen is too bright or the font is too small, you can adjust them to a level that you’re more comfortable at. Even if you like your current settings, but you’re still experiencing the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome, try changing the settings anyways to see if your discomfort goes away or is less common.
  • Don’t Forget To Blink – You may not realize it, but it’s common to actually blink less when focusing on something. Blinking is crucial because it keeps your eyes moisturized, providing natural relief. If you start experiencing discomfort, look away from the screen for a bit (20 minutes is actually recommended), and make sure you blink
  • Keep A Safe Distance – For your computer at home, it’s recommended that you keep the screen 20-28 inches away from you at all times. This is the ideal distance that most online content should be easily seen without straining your eyes. For phones, keeping finding that ideal distance where you can see everything while not being too close to your face.

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