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Eye Health In The Winter
Posted on 12/11/2015

Eye Health In The Winter

SnowmanWinter is quickly approaching and the weather is starting to prove it! While this season is full of joyful holidays, it is also infamous for bringing on some issues, namely, dry eyes and inflamed eyes. At Eye Surgeons Associates in Monroe, MI, we take your eye care very seriously, and have provided you with tips below to ensure that your eyes stay healthy in the upcoming winter season. Be sure to remember this information, as it can prevent against complications such as a damaged cornea or cataracts.

The Problem: Dry Air In The Winter

Surprisingly enough, people experience the driest air in the winter months. Having the heat turned on with the windows closed in your home leads to decreased humidity, which in turn can dry out your eyes. Another culprit is the winter wind, leading to a drying effect outside as well. Eye dryness creates irritation and itchy sensations and can lead to blurred vision or even a damaged cornea. 

The Solutions: Hydration

The way to combat eye dryness is to moisten your eyes. Some ways in which you can moisten your eyes include:

  • Drinking A Lot Of Water
  • Using A Humidifier During Times When Your Eyes Are Open
  • Blinking More
  • Using Eye Drops

Additionally, when outside on a windy day, wearing glasses can protect your eyes from the gusts of wind that may dry them out.

The Problem: The Sun’s Reflections 

The sun can be harmful to your eyes, and one way that the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light comes in contact with your eyes is through reflections off of ice or snow. The UV light that reflects off of this ice or snow can cause cornea inflammation, commonly known as keratitis. 

The Solutions: Protecting Your Eyes

Be sure to shield your eyes in order to protect against powerful UV light. Be selective about glasses and goggles – the higher the UV protection, the better. To further protect against UV light, you can also limit your time spent outdoors. 

Visit Your Monroe & Ida, MI Eye Doctor!

If you are experiencing eye problems that are likely caused by the dry air conditions or increased exposure to UV light, contact your Ida & Monroe, MI family ophthalmologist, Eye Surgeons Associates! Contact us today for more information about how you can protect your eyes and preserve your eyesight.