Patient Testimonials

June 2017
Bonnie W.

My vision was always a problem and everything was off due to having near & far sightedness in opposite eyes. I used to have reading glasses hanging all over the house and then I started having night vision issues and was losing my confidence to drive. I came to see Dr. Siddiqui who told me I had cataracts. I asked him if he ever heard of lenses that would allow you to see without glasses. He explained everything to me and I chose to go with the Restor lens. I am so happy that I did because I could see immediately! I love to read and now I can without having to find my reading glasses. I can see both close and far away and the surgery has really improved my self confidence with driving. I thank Dr. Siddiqui every time I see him because I appreciate how much this has improved my life. I also tell all my friends to get the very best lens as it makes such a big difference in your life.

May 2017
Judith A.

I didn't know how much I couldn't see until I went to the Secretary of State and failed my eye test. After consulting with Dr. Siddiqui, he recommended cataract surgery and now my vision is wonderful. I can see at all distances and I am able to drive on my own. I have recommended Dr. Siddiqui to several of my friends. Everyone at the office has been extremely nice and helpful.

January 2017
Fran P.

My vision was foggy and I was having a difficult time seeing clearly especially while driving. After my surgery I feel much more comfortable with driving. Everything is just wonderful, things are clearer and brighter! Dr. Siddiqui has been a blessing. Everyone was very helpful and answered all my questions. I would recommend Eye Surgeons to my friends.

May 2016
Janice M.

I have been near-sighted with astigmatism nearly all of my 80+ years. I have worn contacts since the 1950's. It has been wonderful not to wear either one. Dr Siddiqui removed the cataract with an implantable lens that makes it possible to treat the cataract & correct the astigmatism at the same time. I am so pleased to see the beauty of God's creation without the aid of glasses/contacts. For a week or so, I did look for my glasses first thing in the morning but I need not search for them anymore!

April 2016
Dylan C. - Laser Lasik Patient

I scheduled an appointment because I was tired of wearing contacts & glasses. Dr. Siddiqui is easy going and did an AWESOME job. I now have crystal clear vision and couldn't be happier with the outcome! I definitely would refer family and friends to this office.

Dec. 8, 2015
Jacob L.

Amazing experience, Dr. Siddiqui and the office made everything so comfortable. I was given information (prior to surgery) by Dr. Siddiqui that explained the procedure and why it would benefit me. From the first testing appointments, to the day of surgery, and my post Lasik follow-up appointment, it was a smooth experience all the way through. The Lasik surgery has made my life easier! It's allowing me to be without contacts/glasses and eliminating the hassles and inconvenience that come with them. Customer service was the most valuable aspect of my experience. Dr. Siddiqui and staff made the who experience so easy and comfortable. I would recommend Eye Surgeons Associates.

Dec. 1, 2015
Mary R.

I have been a patient of Dr. Siddiqui for several years and he had been following me for cataracts. I was somewhat apprehensive about it but I trusted Dr. Siddiqui as my doctor and so I decided to have it done. I am just amazed at how well my night vision has improved. I have no more glare from lights and everything is so clear! I recently went to my granddaughter's recital and was able to see everyone's face clearly. The surgery was painless and I felt the office listened to me and understood my apprehension. I would recommend Eye Surgeons to my family and friends.

Dec 16, 2015
Mark C.

I recently had cataract surgery on both of my eyes and both experiences were wonderful. The office was always willing to accommodate me and everyone was very nice! I am very pleased that my vision was restored to 20/20!.