What is Ectropion?




Under certain circumstances the lower eyelid margin turns outward leaving the eyeball exposed externally; this condition is called ectropion. Ectropion may result due to the normal aging process, but is pathological in most scenarios. It may occur in any age group, but older individuals are prone to develop ectropion. 

Ectropion may cause the ocular surface to be exposed to irritants in the environment. Patients often face troublesome symptoms such as irritation, foreign body sensation, and tearing. It usually affects the lower eyelid, but the upper lid may be affected in some cases.  

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Ectropion? 1

What Are The Causes And Risk Factors Of Ectropion? 2

How Is Ectropion Diagnosed?

Ectropion is diagnosed clinically by an ophthalmologist. 

Based on the underlying cause your ophthalmologist may order some laboratory investigations to rule out diseases e.g histological examination of the cancerous growths. 

How Is Ectropion Treated? 3

The treatment of ectropion is directed toward the underlying cause. The definitive management of ectropion is surgery. However, identifying and removing and modifiable causes e.g muscle relaxants will result in improvement of symptoms. 

The definitive treatment of ectropion is surgery. It depends on the degree of muscle laxity and the underlying cause. Different surgical approaches may be:


The surgical options offered by our Ophthalmologists are safe and effective. As with any surgery, there is a small risk of bleeding, infection, or other complication. 

 The timely diagnosis of ectropion and correct treatment are critical. Untreated cases may lead to:


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