What is a Chalazion?




A chalazion is a small lump or swelling that results from blockage of the meibomian or oil glands that line the eyelid margin. They are usually painless. This nodule or bump may develop on the upper eyelid (more frequently) or lower eyelid (less frequently) and resolve spontaneously. Initially, a small, mild tender, and the swollen area is noticed but may become painless in a few days. It is often confused with a stye (hordeolum).

A stye is different from chalazion, as it happens due to bacterial infection of the meibomian glands while a chalazion results from blockage of the gland’s duct. An untreated stye can result in the formation of a chalazion. A stye is painful while chalazion is usually painless.

What Are The Causes And Risk Factors Of A Chalazion?

Meibomian glands are tiny structures present on the upper and lower eyelids which produce oil to keep the eyes moist/lubricated. Inflammation or viruses can affect the glands and may result in chalazia.

Anyone can develop a chalazion or stye but chalazia are more common with the following conditions:

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of A Chalazion?

Diagnosis Of Chalazion

A chalazion is diagnosed clinically based on history and complete eye examination. The ophthalmologist may ask the following questions:

Treatment Of Chalazion

A chalazion is typically benign and self-limiting and doesn't require any treatment. However, a chalazion with symptoms should not be ignored.



Contact your ophthalmologist at ESA if you have a new, worsening or recurrent chalazion. 



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