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What is Entropion?


Introduction 1

Entropion is an ophthalmological condition in which the eyelid margin attains an abnormal position by moving inward. Entropion causes irritation and damage to the eye surface. The inward turning lashes can rub against the cornea causing pain, blurred vision, and tearing. This condition is common in older individuals and can be treated with medical or surgical options. The lower lid is more commonly affected than the upper eyelid. 


What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Entropion 1,2

The signs and symptoms of the entropion depend on the stage and severity of the disease. Entropion once developed may result in the following symptoms:

What Are The Causes And Risk Factors Of Entropion 1,2

Entropion can result from the following:

The following are the factors that increase the odds of developing entropion:

How Is Entropion Diagnosed?

Entropion can be diagnosed simply by the history and examination of the patient. Generally, further tests are not needed. However, it must be differentiated from other eye conditions that mimic entropion e.g epiblepharon.

Some tests may rarely be done to rule out autoimmune conditions e.g anti basement membrane antibodies.

How Is Entropion Treated? 3

Entropion can be managed medically or surgically depending on the severity of symptoms.

How Is Entropion Prevented?

Increasing age is the main risk factor of entropion formation so prevention is difficult. But trachoma is one condition that can be prevented to minimize the chances of entropion.


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